About Us

Who We Are 

MAIA Modeling and Talent Agency (MAIA) is a small privately held modeling agency which was created in 1995 for the purpose of identifying, recruiting, training, and developing aspiring models and new talent. Although MAIA is not a modeling school, we are diligent in ensuring that our models and talent are adequately knowledgeable of the expectations and requirements of the aspiring professional in the industry.

By offering a 12 week intensive Boot Camp/New Faces training program, we are able to achieve that goal and enhance the models and talents in their career endeavors.

Since re-launching in 2008, MAIA has provided professional modeling and talent services and has quickly become one of the more reputable casting agencies in the area. We have done so by providing a high level of quality customer service as the premier modeling and talent agency in the Greater Tri-State region (Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania) as well as the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

Additionally, since our re-launch, MAIA has contributed to the casting of nearly a half dozen feature films projects and has casted talent, models and stylists for made for TV movies, commercials, training/corporate videos, infomercials, interactive media, voice-over, commercial and fashion print, runway shows and special entertainment: thus, covering the entire spectrum of the industry.

What Makes Us Different

The mission of MAIA is to effectively and aggressively promote and market models and talent as the innovative and passionate professionals they have become through the services of MAIA. Our particular niche is service oriented business entities and non-profits which makes us an agency with an eye toward the social issues of the day.

From sponsoring a fund-raiser for sex trafficking victims through a national non-profit to partnering with other agencies and performing in shows during fashion week, we strive to be pioneers in our industry and focus on remaining strong and steady in providing exceptional people with extraordinary opportunities. MAIA not only is different, we make the difference!

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